Henrik Pedersen

I have a passion for web and graphic designs. I'm also an avid gamer, and have been playing games for as long as I remember. I was born and raised in the cold north, aka Norway.

I chose a media focused school in my later years, and that's where I learned everything about Photoshop and web designing. This is where my interest really spiked, and I was obsessed with creating things on my computer. But I also discovered another side to myself, I loved programming. Using a coded language to create something, was a beautiful thing. So, naturally web design was a perfect fit for me. It had both aspects to it, the graphical and coding.

I later went to study IT at NITH in Norway. I learned a lot about programming languages, such as SQL, Java and also some more advanced html/css. I felt this was very focused on the programming part and not exactly what I wanted. I started up at NKF, and I quickly realize this was the perfect school for me. This is where I learned most of the skills I have today. I learned how to work and think like a professional, and how to present projects and ideas to the client.