Project learning
1st March 2019

I made this website primarily for learning purposes. I wanted to explore what I could do with web development when combined with a database. This was an ideal project for me as I could combine my graphical design skills along with back end development on many different languages.

I learned how to successfully create a login system using a game database data. I managed to develop a CMS system to manage the site with easy on my own. Creating blog posts and updating the site info. But most importantly I pride myself in being able to control the game through the website, as I can send mail and manage game help tickets internally from the site, this makes it easy for Game Masters to communicate with the players even offline and completing tasks.

Thanks for taking the time to visit through my site, it took many hours with many failures to make. But it proves with great patience and will to succeed you will in fact succeed!

Happy Holidays!
5th January 2017

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5th January 2017


  • Horde and Alliance can now communicate trough /say.
  • You can now create both Alliance and Horde character.
  • Upon choosing a talent you will instantly learn the full spell-ranks.
  • Isle of Conqest and Strand of the Ancients has been disabled.
  • Warrior and DK start in stance/presence at character creation.
  • Training dummies has been improved.
  • PvP powerups added. With cooldown reset powerup
  • Morph NPC has been added to the game. You can now temponary morph into a NPC form.
  • FAQ npc has been added for ingame support.
  • Blizzlike CC Delay has been added!
  • Faction change and Race change has been added to the Tools menu on the Teleport NPC.
  • Rogue Poisons and Shaman wep-enchants has their duration increased to 1 day.
  • Rogue Poisons and Glyphs will now instantly be applied.
  • Starting locations fixed. You now start in the mall at login.
  • Duel area has been made a sanctuary zone. Alliance and horde can now duel.

Core Changes
  • You can now instantly enchant, glyph and gear your character to your selected talent spec with 1 click.
  • Added a template-enchant option to the enchant NPC. Premade enchants for spesific talents.
  • You will no longer die when falling under ground in Arena. New system has been implemented to teleport you up to the center.
  • All spells learned on first login. Riding trainers and weapon masters are no longer needed.
  • Pvp-Token now adds items to everyone in group range (Healers get Badges).
  • Morph NPC has been revamped and you can now swap models to all playable races.
  • Top Honor Kills has been added to the Arena Ladder NPC.

  • Added Dragons Eye Jewelcrafting gems to the Gem vendor.
  • Engineering enchants added to Enchant NPC Frag Belt, Flexweave Underlay.
  • A better description of enchants has been to the Enchant NPC.
  • Malicious legendary weapon stats has been normalized.
  • Several new tabards has been added.
  • Pve gear vendors has been added, with an extended honor cost.
  • Added more regents to general goods vendor.
  • Added missing books offhand wrath wep.


Death Knight
  • Death Grip can no longer be cast while falling or jumping (intended).
  • Anti-Magic Shell will now correctly make you immune to Cyclone and Hex effects. (Poisons still remains).

  • Faerie Fire will no longer pierce through cyclone, iceblock and banish.

  • Shadowform no longer bugs out, when you cast a holy spell and re-enter shadowform.

  • Bladestorm will now corretly cancel upon recieving a disarm effect.
  • Bladestorm will no longer cancel when weapon swap macros are used.
  • Spell Reflection will now correctly reflect all traveling spells on you.

  • Grounding Totem will now correctly redirect sheep and other casted CC spells. Still some issues with pet.

Fancy Title
5th January 2017

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